No local installation of R or RStudio from now!

I only use Docker images now for my R and RStudio needs.

I’ve not installed R or RStudio on my local machine, though I work at Bioconductor, *a total R shop*. I spend most of my day in R.

I’ve implemented a couple of new images called the bioconductor/bioconductor_docker . They have the most recent release of Bioconductor with R 3.6.2 and devel version of Bioconductor and R (“Unsuffered Consequences").

I alias both containers from my .zshrc file, (if you use the bash shell, you’ll have a .bashrc file. If you don’t know which shell you are using try,echo $0):

For the RELEASE_3_10 alias, add

## RELEASE_3_10
alias dockR_3_10=’docker run --rm -d \
-e PASSWORD=bioc \
-p 8787:8787 \
-v ~/shared/RELEASE_3_10/library-store/:/usr/local/lib/R/host-site-library \
-v ~/Documents:/home/bioc

For the devel alias, add

## Devel
alias dockR=’docker run --rm -d \
-e PASSWORD=bioc \
-p 8888:8787 \
-v ~/shared/devel/library-store/:/usr/local/lib/R/host-site-library \
-v ~/Documents:/home/bioc

Once you have added these commands, either restart your Terminal or source .zshrc file.

Access RStudio on your browser at https://localhost:8787 (release) or https://localhost:8888 (devel) with username: biocand password: bioc.

Some notes about these commands,

Links and More information:





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